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Heavy shelf thickened four storey warehouse storage pallet shelf metal hardware display shelf warehouse storage shelf
Heavy shelf, also known as beam shelf, or cargo space shelf, belongs to pallet shelf. It is the most common shelf form in various domestic storage shelf systems. The fully assembled structure in the form of column piece + beam is concise and effective. Functional accessories such as spacer, steel laminate (steel grating), wire mesh layer, storage cage guide rail, oil bucket rack and so on can be added according to the characteristics of storage unit containerized equipment, which can meet the storage of goods in different unit containerized equipment forms.

The heavy-duty shelf is the most commonly used kind of shelf. The weight of each layer is more than 500kg, which is the name. It has good picking efficiency and can store heavier items, but the storage density is low. Heavy shelf, also known as tray shelf, has the characteristics of large load-bearing, wide height adaptation range, mechanical access and high selection efficiency, but the space utilization rate is general. It is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. It is not only suitable for multi variety and small batch goods, but also suitable for small variety and large batch goods. Such shelves are most used in high-level warehouses and ultra-high-level warehouses (such shelves are mostly used in automated three-dimensional warehouses).

Selective shelf is a kind of commonly used shelf function design on beam shelf, which is suitable for many types of forklifts and varieties

Goods with more specifications are stacked on the crossbeam grid with pallets. The shelf is designed so that each row of grid is arranged directly facing the channel

Access to one - pallet of goods is not limited by the order, which is flexible and easy to operate.

2. Product features

1. It adopts combined structural design, which is easy to assemble and disassemble and flexible in application.

2. The height of the column is set with a hole spacing of 75mm, and the use of the layer grid can be adjusted according to the height of the goods.

3. The surface of the shelf is treated by electrostatic spraying of epoxy resin powder, which has strong rust resistance, beautiful appearance and environmental protection.

4. It is suitable for the cooperation of pallets of various specifications and forklifts of various types.

5. Different forklift designs can be selected, and the shelf channel spacing can be used in the range of 2000 ~ 400mm.

6. It can be designed to carry each pallet of goods with a weight of 1000 ~ 5000kg.

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